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Following on from our previous news item, we were inspired to launch two competitions last month. One external, for our customers and twitter followers, and one internal, for our staff.

The our external competition completion was shared around social media and entries started popping into my inbox in the run up to the 30th October, the closing date.  We compiled the entries and sent them around the building so people could vote for their favourites.

By the end of the day there was a clear 1st, 2nd and 3rd places and these were as follows:

3rd place was a crazy Halloween and Christmas mash-up with a pumpkin snowman from Viv, just visable in the shadows behind her creation, who wins a £10 voucher.

3rd place pumpkin

2nd place was a Pokémon inspired creation by Lynn, in her own Pikachu suit, who wins a £20 voucher.

2nd Place pumpkin

And finally, 1st place goes to a selection of carvings covering a range of topics, from scary faces to wolves and owls.  I really don’t know how Lisa found the time to carve these, but she was our winner and received a £30 voucher.

1st Place pumpkin

Well done to all that took part, and look out for the next competition coming soon.

The staff completion also produced a few interesting creations, so here are a selection of the best, including traditional scary faces and a not scary Micky Mouse pumpkin!

Mainstream Pumpkin Competion

Mainstream pumpkins glowing in the dark


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