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For many companies, call recording is a standard feature for “quality and monitoring purposes”, but what if you have lone workers or small teams of staff that spend a majority of time visiting clients and external locations, using mobile phones for nearly all their calls.

Lone working comes in many forms, from surveyors setting out a site, care workers visiting patients in the home or workers in the utilities sector, checking equipment in remote locations.

Whatever the situation, a company has a duty of care towards its lone workers to ensure they are protected while they are on company business.

The Mobile Voice Recording (MVR) solution from Mainstream Digital, not only allows call recording and device management of business mobile devices, but also includes integrated Lone Worker features specifically designed to help manage the many health and safety challenges that lone workers face.

Once a device is configured via the administration portal, the system cannot be tampered with and not only allows recording of calls to and from the mobile device, but also enables the operative to record face to face interviews and take photos and videos with the device, all of which is sent securely to the Mainstream data centre for audit and retrieval via the client portal.

The lone worker features automatically use the telemetry data sent from the workers mobile phone at regular intervals to monitor their location, providing the data on a map.  This information can be used to produce reports for traveling time and on-site time to help with resourcing and planning.  The client can see maps of daily routes taken by staff with enabled devices and, if required, can interrogate an individual device remotely for current location information, allowing the device to be tracked in real time.  If an operative requires assistance, the system can also be configured to send alert messages in the form of pre-defined text messages and emails, photos and location information to any monitoring service or support team that has been specified.

The Mainstream MVR solution works on any mobile network, but does require Samsung KNOX security features only found in Samsung phones.  Mainstream is an approved EE dealer and can offer the full range of mobile phones, SIMs and tariffs though the EE network, with a range of shared or individual data plans to suit every need.

To find out more about MVR and how this supports Lone workers and including see the following information here >>>

You can also read more about MVR and download case studies here>>>.

Contact us here >>> or call 0800 169 4055 – Mainstream Digital for lines, calls, numbers, internet connections, call recording, and mobile phones

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