Take a look at the communications solutions Mainstream can provide for any business type, and how we have helped specific industries.

Health Sector

Mainstream Digital has been providing services to the Health sector for many years. Whether is providing broadband, lines and call bundles to dentists with small practices, to medium sized systems for GP surgeries and large complex systems for hospitals. We are now able to offer IT and Cyber Mitigation services, to reflect the times we live in. With the migration from copper technologies to IP based networks, the problems change, your requirements for support will change and the risk surface area increases as your telephony effectively becomes an endpoint on a network.


In recent years, local surgeries have consolidated into larger groups and telephone systems have often struggled to keep up, mixing technology and manufacturer’s equipment. For the surgery, providing a consistent service to patients is very important and can be a challenge. Many surgeries are asking how they can achieve improved functionality and reduce call costs. Many are looking at hosted systems, however this may not be the best, or cheapest, solution.

More surgeries are requesting features such as call queuing, scheduling and call statistics as part of their solution, and these can be achieved with both on-site and hosted systems, so it’s important to discuss your needs fully with our technical consultants so we can understand your needs and find the best solution for you.

Larger installations require more complex systems, and working with large NHS Trusts, we understand the complexities of large 24/7 environments. With a mix of hosted and on-site services we can address the complex needs of these particular environments, and as Health organisations move towards UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service), we are able to help.

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schools and education

Education Sector

From primary schools to colleges and places of further education, all require phone systems that provide secure and reliable communication. Mainstream delivers the best system for your needs. In addition, Mainstream offers IT services, content filtering and with payment options and packages designed to suit the education sector, with flexibility and value for money front and centre.


Mainstream understands the current financial pressures on many schools at the moment, and through its unique combination of services and technology, aims to reduce the cost of owning and running a telephone system in today’s challenging environment.

Many schools are keen to reduce the cost of telephone services, but like GP surgeries must maintain an effective service for parents and staff alike. Unlike surgeries however they often do not require complex feature rich systems.

Primary schools will usually require a small number of extensions and a basic Voice Mail service, with features such as call stats and call scheduling not being important. Many small systems now include some basic features as standard, and that may be enough.

Larger schools and colleges usually require more extensions and may also look at features such as ad hoc call recording, wireless roaming, fax to email and advanced voice mail to enhance their systems.

Other services that are often of interest include secure WiFi for education and dedicated data connections.

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Finance Sector

With increasing regulation in the financial sector and the introduction of MiFID II legislation from January 2018, many companies need to record details of financial dealings and advice that may have been provided not only in letters and emails, but also in telephone conversations. Mainstreams mobile recording solution helps our clients face the challenge of MiFID II in a world of Unified Communications (UC)


Mainstreams mobile voice recording solutions provide an effective way to comply with MiFID II legislation and manage this in a secure environment.

What is MiFID II?

The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) is the EU legislation that regulates firms who provide services to clients linked to ‘financial instruments’ (shares, bonds, units in collective investment schemes and derivatives), and the venues where those instruments are traded.

Introduced to the UK in 2007, MiFID legislation was designed to crack down on miss-selling of financial products and add transparency to high frequency trading. The MiFID II updates are wide ranging to make the legislation sterner, clarifying grey areas, broadening its scope to include IFAs and other, smaller financial organisations, and attempt to keep up with the pace of technological change within financial companies’ operating models. Any communications which may result in a transaction – including instant messaging, emails, calls – including those across staff members’ own devices – and digital channels such as Skype will now all be encompassed.

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Many solutions in the market require that mobile calls are routed to a central recording system. This pushes up costs with additional infrastructure and set-up required, adding to call delays. Frequently, mobile operators’ proprietary solutions run into difficulties when callers are roaming. Financial organisations often find it challenging to provide a sustainable, stable and compliant environment that doesn’t place restrictions on the use of mobile devices. Some will even ban mobile usage entirely.

The Mainstream mobile voice recording solution is specifically designed to be completely compatible with MiFID II, giving maximum transparency, control and accountability.

Our mobile recording solution can be provided with pre-configured Samsung smartphones, or installed remotely on existing compatible corporate owned smartphones and compatible BYO devices. Recording of calls, messaging and telemetry data is encrypted and sent via a secure VPN from the mobile device to our secure data centre. It provides an always-on, sleek user experience that is undetectable in operation and immune to tampering.

Fully compliant and highly secure, our mobile voice recording solution exploits the power of modern mobile operating systems and big data to create a uniquely powerful, flexible, audited record combining mobile business communications including messaging and location data. We provide high levels of security accreditation and compliance and to end – on the device and in our data centres.

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Public Sector

Local Authorities are responsible for ensuring they are getting the best value from public money and must ensure they provide an effective service. Mainstream provides solutions that give great value and premium features. As the copper cutoff approaches, Mainstream are well placed to provide the most cost effective migration to future proofed technology. In addition, our IT Services and Cyber Mitigation portfolio sits well with the needs of local authorities, in particular the implementation of measures currently utilised by central government and military organisations, but at a cost that meets the requirements of local authority budgets – usually delivery a cost saving.


Mainstream currently supplies services to Town and Parish Councils within the South West and beyond. From Banwell (Weston Super Mare) in the West to Maidstone and Chelmsford in the East.

Services required range from simple lines and data connections to full telephone systems. Features vary widely from client to client, but will often include call stats and scheduling options as well as call forwarding and business class Wifi.

We also provide voice and data services to individual councillors who require a flexible service for lines and calls that can be expanded or contracted as required.

There is not a one size fits all solution for the Public Sector. Mainstream Digital will advise you on the best options to provide the capacity and functionality that you need.

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Private Sector

With National and International customers, Mainstream scales well to meet the needs of the Private sector. At the other end of the market, Mainstream offers the same level of corporate professionalism to the sole trader and SME, with an approach adapted to the size of the business. Cost effective services and solutions are matched to the requirements of the business and we work hard to complement and engage with any incumbent IT services provider or internal IT teams.


Civil Engineering and Infrastructure

With health and safety being of particular importance in these types of industry, many organisations are looking at ways to protect workers by introducing technology. In addition to offering telephony solutions Mainstream is now able to offer a telecoms solution to this problem by using the GPS functionality available on smart phones.

Installed on corporate phones, Mainstream Mobile Device Management (MDM) provides a GPS log that can produce a full audit trail of locations and activities by device or provide a near to real time location report based on the device update frequency (eg: updated every 5 or 10 mins)

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Flexible Workforce (Mobile/Home Workers)

In industries that have a widely distributed work force or use high levels of home workers, Mainstream can deliver various services for voice and data that will help organisations stay connected.

With both on-site and hosted solutions, features are available to deliver a seamless customer experience including voice mail, call routing, scheduling, recording and forwarding. System statistics can also be added to ensure there are sufficient inbound resources to manage calls effectively.

Whether your staff are in the office, work from home or are mobile, we can provide solutions to ensure effective communications to help them stay connected.

For formal call centres and informal contact centres, it is important to ensure calls are managed effectively and our solutions can provide clients with the required statistics to enable this.

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Hospitality Sector

With many clients in the hospitality sector, we have developed a good understanding of its needs and have a number of hospitality specific solutions, based around telephone solutions which also incorporate front of house and room management capabilities. In addition, our knowledge of the sector assists us in applying other services such as IT and Cyber as well as the application of IoT technology in a sympathetic and beneficial way.


With in house agricultural experience, we are well placed to be able to assist farming businesses to adopt the most cost effective telephony, data services, IoT and networking to support their adoption of technology in the farm workplace and aid efficiency and tighter ecological control.


Conscious of the need for reliability in retail, from a telephony, payment network, CCTV and EPOS systems. Mainstream has a range of offerings and the responsiveness to ensure that the retail outlet has the uptime that it requires to be able to operate competitively. Our networking skills can be invaluable in the roll out of retail automation, ensuring that the network performance supporting your automation is not the binding constraint.


What Can Mainstream Offer Me?

With over 30 years of telecommunications experience, Mainstream’s proven track record means that your communications are safe and secure.

Mainstream are a total solution provider able to offer businesses of all sizes voice, IP, digital, mobile and internet technologies, IT, Networking and Cyber services.

One consistent point of contact for all services embodies your dealings with Mainstream, enabling fast responses to your demands and needs at all times.

One consistent point of contact for all services personalises all your dealings with Mainstream, enabling fast responses to your demands and needs at all times.
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