At the end of March 2023, BT OpenReach and BT Wholesale will increase their charges for rentals, services and calls. Due to the increasing economic pressures of the market, we will be forced to pass on some of those increases to our customers. We have attempted to keep this to a minimum.

These will be in effect from BT in May and we will be passing on some of them to you in the subsequent months.

In light of the 2025 switch off, we would advocate contacting us regarding a transition to future proofed technology which will in addition offer you interim savings over your conventional ISDN and PSTN based telephony. Call for a consultation to see the best method of addressing your future proofing, protection of investment and potential savings

All of the major service providers in the Broadband and Mobile Space are issuing price increases throughout April and May 2023. We are unable to absorb these increases and therefore, there will be some price increases applied  to your services over the next few months.  We apologise for this but it will be kept to a minimum.

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