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The Mobile Voice Recording solution from Mainstream is a secure way to record calls to and from your mobile devices, without the need for additional user activated services.  It is as at home in the construction and infrastructure sector with Health and Safety situations, ensuring the right instructions were given and received, as it is in the financial services sector, ensuring companies can record and audit communications required under MiFID II regulations. The Mainstream MVR is a tamper proof, user transparent, SIM-free solution, that works with Samsung business class mobile devices, anywhere in the world on any Mobile Network.

"Our crews saved time, energy and money with the MVR solution" - Luke Williamson, Procurement Manager, Vital Human Resources Ltd

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The Benefits of Mobile Voice Recording

Developed to help financial markets achive MIFID II complience, find out what our Mobile Voice Recording Solution can do for you and your business?


Benefits include:

Cost Efficient

No need for expensive Mobile Network (Virtual) Operator Contracts that offer recording.


We provide more compliance intelligence than SIM based solutions such as GPS location of the device at the time of the communication, true time stamps of communications, verification of the caller.

Ease of use

Always on, sleek user experience that is undetectable in operation and immune to tampering. Ability to do on demand recording for more complex compliance requirements.

Highly Secure

Solution has be verified and deployed to the worlds largest investment banks, giving any size FS organization peace of mind.


New recording capabilities are being added all the time, the latest being MMS Media File recording. We offer very easy integration into on premise and other cloud recording/monitoring platforms.


Solution is 100% independent of your airtime contract and location, a single recording solution option for banks with global requirements.

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The Features of Mobile Voice Recording

Developed for financial markets to comply with the requirments of MIFID II, MVR has a host of features that are just as relevent whatever your industry.


Features include:

Exciting Roadmap

Integration with mobile forensic and biometric authentication platforms are currently planned to enrich the compliance capabilities of the solution.


Solution has been optimised over 10 years as part of a comprehensive telemetry platform.


Cloud storage (up to 7 years) and On-premise storage with customised meta data tagging is available.

Auditing Portal

Secure portal access to comprehensive auditing capabilities.

Data security

Data is protected across its entire journey using defence grade encryption methods (including on device storage, in transit and server storage)

Slick Provisioning Process

Users can be enrolled using Samsung’s Mobile Enrolment Utility ensuring no user interaction is required.

Deployment Architecture

Can be delivered as a 100% standalone SaaS platform, on–premise cloud hybrid model or fully on premise.

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Mainstream MVR has been developed to operate with Samsung Business Class mobile devices and uses Samsung Knox to secure the handset and prevent tampering with the app or the recorded files. Knox is security certified by 29 Governments including the UK.

Other certifications can be found below.

  • PCI 3.2 Data Security Standard Compliance
  • DISA STIG 3.9
  • Common Criteria Certified Mobile Security
  • FIPS Compliant Encryption
  • ISO 27001 Certified Architecture
  • MIFID II Compliant

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MVR Resources

To find out more about the Mainstream MVR solution and if its right for you. Please download our fact sheet and other information here.


Information and downloads:

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See how MVR can be used in your industry:

Find out how MVR can be used in various sectors
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To discuss your particular requirments or to arrange a demonstration for MVR, please call 0800 169 4055

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