If you don’t know what you want, or what you should expect from your telephones, broadband connetions or telecommunication system, you can learn about the solutions that are available with Mainstream Digital, and how these can fit your business needs. Below are a selection of solutions we currently offer.
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Hosted Telephone Systems

With a range of Hosted offerings designed to suit every type and size of business, we are well equipped to provide you with the best possible solution, matched to your requirements, and capable of delivering Unified Communications to the degree you are comfortable with. We partner with the biggest names in the industry and offer the most competitive access to these solutions, all wrapped up in our renown customer service, and support arrangements.


SME Hosted:

With no equipment at the customer site and no need for maintenance, a hosted service offers users unique advantages over a traditional on site service. With unmatched flexibility, a hosted service gives the user the option to plug into a data port anywhere in the world and still use the features of the service wherever they may be.

The plug and play nature of hosted lends itself to multi-site businesses or those with a distributed workforce or using home working without the need for multiple systems.

Mainstream offers a ‘simple’ hosted service for smaller users, which includes the most popular features required, including voice mail, queuing, routing and scheduling. With the ability for users to manage diverts and simple changes via a web portal, the system can grow as required with additional features added as needed.

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Enterprise Hosted:

Similar to SME Hosted, this is a fully featured telephone solution offering secure connections between handsets and our data centre. The core system has been developed by Mainstream, working with Samsung, to deliver a high availability system that is maintained and hosted by Mainstream at multiple UK data centres. This gives the user the security of knowing that if there is a system fault at one location, services will be automatically re-routed to maintain service.

Developed for use with Samsung smart phones, the user can seamlessly switch between their desk phone and mobile device. Additional modules are available for applications such as call recording, call stats and call centre working. Mainstream will configure your initial system and provide access to an administration portal so the user can make changes without having to contact us.

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Hosted Virtual ISDN

With the onset of the big copper shutoff and the programme being already well down the implementation cycle, it is now crucial to consider how that is going to leave your existing Telephone solutions. Many PBX solutions can be upgraded to support the new technology replacements for our existing copper services, but for those that can’t there is our Hosted Virtual ISDN product, which can deliver an ISDN interface to your system, whilst utilising modern IP technology for the connection to the wide world. With a significant investment in a large PBX and the disruption that migrating to a new platform might bring, this is a solid way forward which guarantees your investment in your existing hardware and eliminates user disruption.


You may have heard that ISDN lines will be switched off around 2025, and so you will be forced to upgrade your telephone system.

BT are proposing to cease ISDN from 2025, but Mainstream will continue to provide ISDN services for our customers for as long as they are required and the Hybrid solution from Mainstream ensures you can use your existing ISDN enabled equipment for as long as you wish.

This is ideal if you have recently upgraded the system, but want to future proof your lines and ensure you get maximum return from your assets.

The Hybrid solution from Mainstream digital also provides a simple, cost effective migration path for legacy telephony systems that may be costly to upgrade or unable to operate with the latest digital line technology.

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Connectivity Solutions for data and telephony

The end of copper is nigh! PSTN and ISDN services are being deprecated and the world is moving to IP. We can help you through this transition and provide you with the essential connectivity to take you into the new era, including failover options, for when your primary connectivity fails, ensuring that your business does not miss a beat. All available methods of broadband connection from SOGEA to leased line are available to provide your IP connectivity, over which we can also off SIP channels and a myriad of additional features. Talk to us about our range of additional offering to make your IP connection secure and contingencies for when you experience and outage.


Mainstream provides a full range of broadband services, offering users various options for upload and download speeds.

Download speeds affect how fast you can pull data from the Internet, and upload speeds affect the rate at which you can transfer data back to it.

There are various external factors that can affect internet connection speeds and these can include the cabling available in your local area, the distance from your site to the exchange and the number and type of users in your area that share the same network circuits.

We can advise you on the best solution for your business needs from simple ADSL and Fibre broadband up to our 100% availability dedicated lease lines.

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On-site Telephone Systems

There is still a place for on premise telephone systems. They afford a set of functionality and economics that suit particular environments. We support and can upgrade, Samsung, Panasonic and many other PBX, and can supply the full range of NEC offerings which scale to any size organisation. These are available with finance and maintenance options.


On-site telephony is usually the first option for businesses that need a system to manage calls and extensions. Mainstream will advise on the best system for your business needs that provide the capacity and functionality that you need.

With options for financing, call bundles and maintenance packages to suit your needs, Mainstream can configure, install and support your on-site telephone system for less than you might think. With modules available for call recording and call statistics your on-site system from Mainstream will provide many years of service, growing with your needs.

If you are not ready to change an existing system, Mainstream will provide your lines and data connections and can offer maintenance cover on a wide range of manufacturer’s systems including Panasonic, Samsung, BT Versatility, Nortel BCM, Norstar, Avaya and Mitel; plus many models which others suppliers may class as end of life.

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IT Services

Whether it be ad hoc support services or full scale project implementations, Mainstream have the technical team to bring your plans to fulfilment. Comprehensive support services offered remotely or on site with plans to suit your budget and requirements.

Cyber Mitigation Services

With a comprehensive range of unique product offerings drawn from the military and intelligence world, and backed by practitioners capable of advising, assessing your vulnerability and addressing your weaknesses, Mainstream Digital can help you protect your business with a range of solutions that will give you the peace of mind to enable you to sleep at night and prevent you from adding to the 10 Trillion dollars worldwide cost of cybercrime.

Fault Tolerance Solutions

As the world moves to an internet world and systems switch from on prem to cloud aaS implementations, our dependency on our internet connection grows ever more critical. Mainstream has a range of solutions that can prevent internet outages from impacting your business processes. Never more important as our dependency on cloud based solutions grow.

IoT Services

Plugged into a range of significant partners in the world of IoT, and with a range of engineering resources capable of assisting you with your requirements for increased efficiency, monitoring and control, Mainstream can help you to harness the power of IoT and ensure that its use does not increase your surface area for cyber attack.


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