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As thousands return to work today, many companies will struggle to cope with the influx of New Year calls as employees re-visit those projects they were working on before the Christmas break.

With more staff returning and many companies expected to be at full strength after the weekend, the first few days after the New Year can be a hectic time, making and taking phone calls, and will often result in the first real busy period for many.

It is important that telephone systems are able to cope with the influx, and companies have the appropriate call management in place to handle the increased numbers of calls.

With services such as “Call Queuing”, “Pre-answer Messages”, “Call back Request” and “Voicemail to Email”, Mainstream customers can ensure that callers will never hear an engaged tone when dialling their businesses.

Callers can hear pre-recorded messages while waiting for an operative to become available, or can be given the option to leave a short message so they can be called back later. Even if the caller does not leave a message or requests a call back and ends up abandoning the call and hanging up, the company can get a list of the numbers that had abandoned calls and could dial them back when they have more time, to see what the issue was.

For customers with lines and numbers already provided by Mainstream, these services are available without any significant new investment required in new equipment, and in most cases, can simply be applied to existing lines.

If you don’t have your lines and numbers already provided by Mainstream, you may already be paying over the odds for your lines and numbers, even if calls are “FREE” or discounted, you will quite often be paying for that elsewhere.  Make it a new year resolution to let us review your communications and broadband connections to see if we can save you money on unused or out-dated services that you may still be paying for.  We recently saved a client £600 a year on a single line and broadband connection.

To find out more contact us here >>> or call 0800 169 4055

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