MVR in the Social Care Sector

Front line Social Care staff often work face to face with clients with sensitive information and in high stress situations. Using MVR can help improve record keeping and reporting when dealing with external agencies and 3rd parties. As with many public service situations, providers often record land line calls initially, but are unable to provide a similar service once individual cases are being managed by field based front line staff using mobile devices. This can result in information gaps and delays when reviewing cases.

Recording Mobile Calls

Mainstream MVR is an ideal recording solution to complement any existing land line recording solution that may already be in place. Calls to and from front line staff using mobile devices, with 3rd party support agencies or clients are securely recorded and stored, and can be searched, tagged, commented and and audited for future reference.

Download the MVR in the Social Care Sector case study below:

MVR in the Social Care sector >>>

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