MVR in the Medical Sector

Medical practitioners wanting to improve access and offer more flexible appointments to patients will often adopt telephone triage services to help meet demand, so call recording is important for any advice given. Call recording is a crucial part of communications at any surgery, and extending this to include practice mobiles for telephone consults, exchanging patient information and for telephone triage, allows greater flexibility whether calling from a patients home during a visit, orfrom youroffice.

Secure Mobile Recording

If you are a doctor, dentist, vet, pharmacist or other medical professional, you may already have land line calls recorded, but may often use your mobile phone when you are on call, visiting patients or speaking with other support agencies.

With Mainstream MVR, you can take and make calls to and from enabled mobiles with patients, families, consultants, specialists and colleagues, reassured that any conversations relating to cases and
patients are recorded and stored securly for future review.

Download the MVR in the Medical Sector case study below:

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MVR in the Health Care Sector