MVR in the Health Care Sector

Delivering home based health care services across a wide geo-graphic area, many providers already record calls to service centres and regional offices. Providers want to bring a similar level of support to front line staff, ensuring best practice and improved record keeping from staff using mobile devices, and have a duty of care to improve lone worker monitoring, particularly for public facing staff, so workers can be supported and feel safer.

Recording Mobile Calls

Heath care providers can now close the loop on calls to and from field based staff taking and making calls on mobiles to 3rd party services, patients, GPs and any patient family members.

Previously difficult to manage, calls are stored in the secure MVR system and can be accessed by authorised personnel for review and auditing. If required, calls can be marked for transfer to long-term storage.

Download the MVR in the Health Care Sector case study below:

MVR in the Health Care sector >>>

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MVR in the Medical sector