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If you don’t know what you want, learn more about the popular Products that are available with Mainstream Digital, and how these can fit your business needs. Below are a selection of Products we currently offer. Please feel free to contact us to find out more information on any solution you may find of interest.

Samsung Hosted Telephony

With more technology moving to the cloud, hosted services are becoming the norm for many business solutions. Telephony is no exception and Mainstream is ready to help you move to a fully hosted solution.


The Samsung Hosted solution from Mainstream Digital offers the functionality and security of an enterprise class, on-site phone system, with the flexibility of a hosted solution that can satisfy the needs of clients looking for a low maintenance solution suitable for a mobile or distributed workforce.

Samsung Hosted is different from other hosted solutions in three important respects: Security, Resilience and Mobile Integration.


Samsung Hosted is the only hosted system that provides certified security from the datacentre to the handset. Mainstream SIP connections are secured and encrypted using TLS and SRTP protocols. Compatible desk handsets are also secured, without the need for VPNs or other complex deployments and this includes Samsung smartphones, which are protected by the built-in KNOX security system.


Mainstream uses multiple UK data centres certified to high levels of security (ISO 27001/2) and geo-redundancy (CPNI – Centre for the Protection of the National Infrastructure). Samsung Hosted ensures that if one site or system goes down, the other site automatically takes over without any break in communication. Governed under UK law, these data centres cannot be accessed by third parties.

Mobile integration

Samsung’s leadership in smartphone technology provides true mobile integration. Customers can choose to use smartphones, desk phones or both. Specified Samsung mobile devices can be fully integrated with incoming calls ringing on both desk and mobile, and calls can be transferred from one to another mid-conversation.

To find out more about Samsung Hosted, and if it’s the right solution for you, please contact us.

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Hosted ISDN

The Hosted ISDN solution from Mainstream Digital is designed for users that are not ready to upgrade an existing telephone system to a fully hosted solution and want to future proof their assets.


It is the ideal proposition for businesses that may have invested considerable amounts throughout the years on telephone systems. You may have older systems that are working perfectly well, but are not compatible with current IP technology.

Many people have heard that ISDN lines are being withdrawn in the next few years and so are being forced to move to alternative solutions. While it is true that BT are planning to switch off ISDN circuits by 2025, the Hosted ISDN service from Mainstream Digital will continue to supply ISDN services to your equipment, until you are ready to upgrade and, in most cases, will be cheaper than traditional ISDN.

With Hosted ISDN, your business can easily take a step towards a hosted solution without worrying about writing off previous investments. You are connected to the latest SIP trunk technology and can continue using your existing systems with no changes to the internal telephony architecture.

Hosted ISDN is available as a monthly rental, with no capital expenditure required and in most cases will actually deliver a cost saving over your ISDN line costs. SIP trunks also provide greater flexibility of service than ISDN lines and should disaster strike, the hosted ISDN service is automatically diverted within seconds, providing a greater level of business continuity.

Over time, the cost of parts and maintenance for your legacy system may increase and become un-economical, or you may expand your business and require additional features and handsets. At that time, you have the choice to upgrade and we can help you with the options available for new systems.

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Mobile Voice Recording

In the modern always on business world we are able to access the tools and information we need at the touch of a button, and with the latest mobile devices, we don’t even need to be in the office.


Telephone call recording has been happening for years now, and most of us know that when we phone our bank, cinema or favourite retailer, calls “may be recorded for training and quality purposes”.  This is fine if we are calling into a call centre or office location, but with the advent of an increasingly mobile workforce, direct calls to and from mobiles are more of a challenge, as they often bypass the company telephone system.

Call recording for mobile devices is available, but often requires user interaction to activate it, making it awkward to operate and open to miss use. Mainstream Digital has developed a new approach to call recording that solves these issues.  Developed with Samsung for use on company issued mobile devices, Mobile Voice Recording (MVR) is a mobile device management system, with call recording built in.

As well as managing and securing company devices, once registered on the portal, any calls made or received will be logged and recorded as encrypted files in the phone. These cannot be accessed, edited or deleted by the user and when the phone is within network range, any data files are automatically transferred securely to the designated data storage servers.  Only those with appropriate access rights can access and review these files.

The user of the phone is not required to do anything to start or stop recording and operation is totally transparent.

With the ability to log GPS locations, text messages and photos securely the MVR solution has been adopted by diverse industrial sectors such as finance for the call recording and civil engineering for GPS tracking and human resource management.

To find out more and to see how the MVR solution can be used in your industry, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Network Call Recording

Recording calls has become a standard practice across many business sectors as companies look to ensure best practice.  A new Mainstream service expands this to include all your company communication devices including your company mobile calls.


Through fulfilling compliance requirements you reduce potential litigation risks, improve staff performance, monitor call quality, aid dispute resolution and deter inappropriate calls.

Mainstream’s Network Call Recording service offers a simple and cost effective way to protect your business, whilst also providing invaluable management information.  The service is a powerful, yet simple to use solution which captures the ever growing number of calls made on multiple lines and devices – including company mobiles, ISDN, PSTN, SIP channels and VoIP devices.

Key features of this service include:

  • Recordings are encrypted as standard using 256bit AES
  • High encryption/decryption speed
  • Access to the recording web portal using a SSL 256bit AES encrypted browser
  • Working to the following standards – CESG 2-2-4, 7 levels of the PCI DSS and FIPS transfer of data
  • Resilient N+1 infrastructure
  • Unlimited storage option and longevity capabilities
  • Full report suite including bespoke options
  • Branded with your company logo and colours

Mainstream Digital Ltd has been synonymous with communications and IP for the last two decades, so has the experience and resources to supply and support all your communications needs UK wide.

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Broadband and Internet Access Services

Mainstream Digital are one of the UK’s leading business Internet Service Providers offering download speeds of up to 39Mbps. We offer all the current DSL access methods including ADSL2, ADSL2+, ADSL2+ Annex M and Superfast Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) broadband. We also provide a VoIP specific broadband service to maximise the quality and quantity of our Mainstream SIP voice trunks that your broadband can support.


ADSL Broadband

Mainstream Digital are a business only Internet Service Provider, offering a full suite of ADSL Internet access products with Unlimited packages.

Dual Broadband

Mainstream Dual Broadband is your solution if the Internet has become a critical service to your business. One broadband connection may not be fast enough, or it does not offer the resilience you need to build into your IT infrastructure.

Superfast Broadband

Superfast Broadband uses next-generation fibre, giving your business a much faster internet connection with download speeds of upto 80Mbps and upto 20Mbps upstream.

Dedicated Internet Access – iNet

Mainstream’s iNet service provides a high speed internet access solution for businesses. Uncontended internet access is supplied via fixed, dedicated Ethernet access circuits, guaranteeing you secure and reserved bandwidth at all times.

Broadband Speeds

Broadband speeds are measured by the rate at which information is sent into the Internet (upload speed) and received from the Internet (download speed) on your Mainstream broadband line.

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