Intel Internet of Things (IoT)

Working with world leading Intel to create Industry IoT

The Internet of Things is the technology that embeds physical ‘things’ with sensors. The
things that can be embedded range from a delivery van, a lift alarm, an office energy
management system, livestock collars, or a meeting room entry system; to name a few.

As connectivity experts Mainstream can provide services and connectivity for IoT, which
can be via fixed wire Ethernet, WiFi, or the 4G/5G mobile network.

Future Proof Connectivity

With so much choice it is not always easy for businesses to assess what is the right
technology and the right path to take today. By working with Mainstream we can help
you assess where you existing connectivity infrastructure supports your IoT needs and
will work to ensure that as your needs evolve you can steer towards the most effective
current and future options.

Working with Intel gives us access to knowledge of where the emerging next generation
options could take you, but allowing you to get to grips with your existing needs in a cost
effective manner.

If you think IoT could or should be making a difference to your operational
effectiveness then you should be conversing with Mainstream on 0800 169 6000.


What Can Mainstream Offer Me?

With over 30 years of telecommunications experience, Mainstream’s proven track record means that your communications are safe and secure. Mainstream are a total solution provider able to offer businesses of all sizes voice, IP, digital, mobile and internet technologies.

One consistent point of contact for all services personalises all your dealings with Mainstream, enabling fast responses to your demands and needs at all times.

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