Telephone Systems for Schools

With over 25 years experience of the UK telephony market, Mainstream Digital are specialist providers of communication solutions for schools.  Providing feature rich, cost effective on-site telephony solutions with tailored calls, lines and call management options, ideal for schools. We are certified to ISO9001 (Quality Management), ISO27001 (Information Security Management), ISO22301 (Business Continuity Management) and with Cyber Essentials and IASME certification, are GDPR compliant, so you can be assured your data is safe with us.
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Telephone Systems for Schools

With over 25 years’ experience of the UK telephony market, Mainstream Digital are experts in providing telephone systems for play groups, nurseries, schools, colleges and many other types of customer that operate in the education sector.

By using the existing infrastructure from established companies, such as BT and Openreach, we can be sure to offer a reliable service at a competitive cost. Our real differential, however, comes with the level of service we offer.

Our customer services and technical support teams are available to call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round, regardless of the service level agreement you hold – even during school (and public) holidays.

We know these can be busy times for schools and, if the problem cannot be fixed straight away, we can arrange for your incoming calls to be diverted to another number, or even to a mobile phone, ensuring parents are still able to get in contact.

Everyone at Mainstream has been DBS checked, so in a world where safeguarding is an increasing concern, this is an issue we have actively addressed for any staff that may attend your site.

To find out more about how Mainstream can help your school please download our Telephone Services for Schools leaflet on the link below, or use the Contact Us Form to get in touch.

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Typical features for schools

Typical Features for a School Telephone System

We know that no two schools are the same, and so the telephone systems they use can vary enormously in terms of size and complexity. However there are some popular services and features that many schools will look for. These might typically include:

Auto Attendant
Manage incoming call traffic and ensure efficient call distribution, with a simple menu selection (eg: press 1 to report an absence, press 2 for the main office…etc)

Broadcast Messages
Transmit site wide messages to all phones, great for general announcements or requesting staff to call the office.

Portable Handsets
Portable (DECT) handsets are similar to cordless phones you might have in your own home, but are much more powerful with an extended range of 100’s of meters, making them ideal as a carry around unit, inside the building or out into the carpark, playground, and even onto the field. We will always try to fit these units to maximise the usable range.

Conference Calling
Often used to include multiple colleagues in calls, especially useful when people are in different school buildings, or in different school sites.

Call Recording
Some schools will record all calls for training and security, but it is also possible to record calls on an ad-hoc, as needed basis. Call recordings are securely held in the cloud and can be accessed via your Mainstream user portal so you can retrieve and review recordings as needed.

Mobile Phones
The introduction of the new GDPR rules in 2018 means staff should no longer use personal phones to carry private information and contact details for parents or children. Not only can we provide mobile phones on the EE network at competitive rates, with shared or individual call and data limits, but we can provide Mobile Device Management and secure Call Recording on selected Samsung mobile devices.

With other services available for call management including call diversion, number translation, pre-answer messages, call screening, call queuing and time based routing we can tailor your system to your schools particular needs.



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