The anti-malware built by the US Intelligence Services that beats all anti-malware

There is no silver bullet to the challenges businesses face in the fast changing and ever threatening world of cyber security, but if there were, then it would be Appguard.

Zero Trust Cybersecurity

Zero-Trust are two words we think are bandied about rather liberally. Zero trust is a security strategy that asserts that no entity—user, app, service, or device—should be trusted by default. Our view is that Zero Trust means if I open the envelope can I be sure I will not get covered in a virus Appguard is the software that to date has 100% made sure opening the envelope has never exposed any PC or Server to a viral threat. With over 16 years of active operations Appguard has never failed to do it’s Zero-Trust job.

Protection from Day 0 Attacks

The good news is that Appguard is now available at a favourable cost comparable to most standard Anti-virus services in the market, and yet Appguard knows how to stop the virus not yet written which none of todays Ant-Virus systems can do. Appguard explicitly does Zero-Trust where as every other product is implicit*. With the advent of AI, we will seek polymorphic virus threats, Viruses that change constantly. Appguard is the only Anti Virus that is geared to cope with this.

As virus creators look at to AI system to write new viruses and variant then implicit handling is going to be less able to cope. This is why the recent CLOP virus was able to break through Hitachi, Shell Oil, BBC amongst many. These are businesses that spend significantly on traditional Day-Zero and Implicit Zero-Trust systems.

Trusted by the Military

Many military organisations now use Appguard as AV of last resort. We at Mainstream think it should be the AV of first resort, thereby reducing the need to invest in other expensive technology and resources to make sure your defence against viruses is as good as it can get.

If you want to see how this product can work for you, offering military grade virus security at a business budget level, contact Mainstream on 0800 169 6000.

*Explicit describes something that is very clear and without vagueness or ambiguity. Implicit often functions as the opposite, referring to something that is understood, but not described clearly or directly, and often using implication or assumption.


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