NEC Telephone Systems

NEC Telephone systems that are packed with VoIP features
while integrating legacy connectivity

If you have older style wiring with an older style PBX, and are wondering if you have to rip
everything out to move into the world of VoIP, the answer is most likely no.

NEC PBXs allow you to utilise the world of VoIP while retaining much of your older wiring,
enabling a phased transition to full VoIP and Unified Comms at a speak and cost that suits
your business.

Where Legacy Meets Innovation

For customers who prefer to own an asset such as a PBX this is the perfect solution.
Mainstream have helped customers who have first generation Hybrid PBX systems (and
their attendant high costs of VoIP licencing) move over to the current generation NEC
systems, providing a more flexible system that support the business while reducing the
cost of ownership. We can even offer integration services to bring your NEC on premises
system into the world of UC with Teams integration.

Support When You Need It

We like to think that by owning a NEC PBX you have your own hosted service, with Mainstream as your service and support partner ensuring that the solution is tuned to your changing business needs without the need to change the core solution.

The real advantage of the NEC approach is that you can (when the time comes) integrate Univerge Blue Cloud into the PBX, and decide at your own pace when you are ready to migrate out of the PBX solution at your own pace.

So, if only a PBX will do and you are looking for cost effective VOIP additions, talk to us and we can help assess the best route forward for you.


What Can Mainstream Offer Me?

With over 30 years of telecommunications experience, Mainstream’s proven track record means that your communications are safe and secure. Mainstream are a total solution provider able to offer businesses of all sizes voice, IP, digital, mobile and internet technologies.

One consistent point of contact for all services personalises all your dealings with Mainstream, enabling fast responses to your demands and needs at all times.

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