Horizon Hosted Phone System

The Industry Leader in General Purpose Hosted Telecoms

Gamma Reseller of the Year 2023, Mainstream are working with Gamma Horizon who are the industry leader in providing quality general purpose hosted voice communications at an affordable level.

Gamma and Mainstream both have over 20 years experience in the world of voice and hosted communications, and the synergy created by this partnership ensure that our clients have access to a proven service that smooths the transition from old world of voice to the emerging world of voice over the Internet.

Reliable and Affordable

If you are a small to medium sized business with a desire to have reliable and uncomplicated service, that works 24/7/365 then you should be talking to Mainstream about how we can help.

Starting at a surprising realistic price per month you can have a solution with a choice of handset that suits your budget, suits your business needs and works out of the box for your office staff and home workers.

To have Mainstream offer a review of how we can help smooth your transition to Hosted Communications, just call 0800 169 6000and speak to one of our communications consultants.


What Can Mainstream Offer Me?

With over 30 years of telecommunications experience, Mainstream’s proven track record means that your communications are safe and secure. Mainstream are a total solution provider able to offer businesses of all sizes voice, IP, digital, mobile and internet technologies.

One consistent point of contact for all services personalises all your dealings with Mainstream, enabling fast responses to your demands and needs at all times.

Helping Hand
Want to save time and money on your IT services? Be part of Mainstream Digital for all your Future Communications.
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