Constant Connect

Cost effective contingency for those times when your Internet connection fails

Today a connection to the Internet is necessary, the question that one is faced with is “Is it sufficient to support my business 24/7/365”. If your internet connection fails how does that challenge your business?

With the advent of 4G mobile networking (and emerging 5G) it is now possible to consider highly cost effective options that can provide constant connectivity.

At Mainstream we call this our Constant Connect solution. The beauty about our offering is that it works with just about any network, and you do not even need to have one of our existing ‘fixed-line’ services to make use of the Constant Connect Service.

We can offer options using your preferred mobile provider or options to utilise the ‘best’ available mobile choice at the time it is needed.

We can offer packages that provide static or dynamic IP routes, with options to pay for ‘low’ expected backup usage and reduced hyper-bill-shock should your fixed wire services fail for longer than expected.

Stay Connected, Stay In Budget

From as little as £45 to £75 per month we can offer a standby service, that works with our own wired services as well as with just about any other ISPs Internet connection. As we all transition in one form or another to using cloud based systems and resources, we often forget how inconvenienced we would be if the internet connectivity failed.

With over 20 years Internet connectivity experience we can advise on what would work for you to allow not only your office but your key hybrid/home workers to always be connected.

If you are interested in discussing how Mainstream’s Constant Connect & Managed service can help provide budget friendly 24/7 networking, call us on 0800 169 6000.


What Can Mainstream Offer Me?

With over 30 years of telecommunications experience, Mainstream’s proven track record means that your communications are safe and secure. Mainstream are a total solution provider able to offer businesses of all sizes voice, IP, digital, mobile and internet technologies.

One consistent point of contact for all services personalises all your dealings with Mainstream, enabling fast responses to your demands and needs at all times.

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