19th August 2020

We experienced a major outage affecting some of our services 18/08/2020. Customers may have noticed an interruption in service affecting their sip trunks, leased lines, and in some cases broadband connection.

We despatched our engineers to investigate as soon as we were aware of the issues. None of our systems were found to be compromised and it was reported to us later that a faulty UPS at the London Internet Exchange had caused the outage, which affected a large number of ISPs and Telcos including Mainstream Digital.

We have been informed that the situation is resolved and customers should now find services have been resumed. If you are continuing to experience problems then please contact faults@msdigital.com, or speak to your account manager.

We at Mainstream Digital will continue to carry out an investigation into these events, and will be asking questions of some of our key suppliers regarding their own resiliency.

Further details can be found here at theregister.com.

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